Teacher: Lama Lhun­drup, Lama Johann
Lan­guage: Eng­lish
Year: 2020
Type: Video
Loca­tion: Grün­er Baum

Intro­duc­tion (Part 1)

Down­load VideoHow help­ful and cen­tral it is to be aware. Being aware with love, com­pas­sion and oth­er heart qual­i­ties. Being aware with­out stress.

Length: 0:24:46

Being Aware (Part 2)

Down­load VideoBeing aware of what is most impor­tant to me in life. Let­ting the mean­ing of life con­tin­u­al­ly evolve. Always know­ing what is most impor­tant right now. Being aware of my actu­al motivation.

Length: 0:24:52

Aware of the Mean­ing of My Life (Part 3)

Down­load VideoThe need for reg­u­lar, dai­ly train­ing in what is most impor­tant. The need for occa­sion­al in-depth train­ing. How to devel­op a 24/7 life style in har­mo­ny with my deep­est wish­es. The neces­si­ty to find con­ducive con­di­tions for prac­tice. How I can cre­ate con­ducive con­di­tions for prac­tice. The ben­e­fi­cial influ­ence of an adapt­ed dai­ly prac­tice structure.

Length: 0:33:39

Deep­en­ing Aware­ness Through Prac­tice (Part 4)

Down­load VideoHelp­ful study. Using deep, per­son­al reflec­tion. Enter­ing med­i­ta­tion after con­tem­plat­ing. Sim­ply being aware. How pre­cious our present expe­ri­ence is. Many rea­sons to rejoice.

Length: 0:31:00

Study, Con­tem­pla­tion, Med­i­ta­tion, and Grat­i­tude (Part 5)

Down­load VideoBeing aware of change in the uni­verse, on this plan­et, in all our rela­tions. Being aware of change in myself. Change as the nature of life.

Length: 0:29:25

Ques­tion and Answer (Part 6)

Down­load VideoWhat do I do when I lose myself in uncer­tain­ty and help­less­ness and lose my bal­ance? How can I con­tin­ue to func­tion even if I feel that there is no sta­bil­i­ty and security?

Length: 0:11:09

Being Aware of Omnipresent Change (Part 7)

Down­load VideoBeing aware of simul­ta­ne­ous aris­ing and pass­ing away. The neces­si­ty of change. The pos­si­bil­i­ty to rejoice in change.

Length: 0:30:18